Brett Vachon is a guitarist, composer and guitar instructor. His music blends contemporary melodies with exotic harmonies and a mastery of guitar technique. Armed with a background in Classical Guitar, Brett strives to help self taught guitarists overcome the many hurdles that they may find with fingerstyle guitar.

Brett Vachon writes music which is infused with flavours taken from both the Grand Masters of Classical Music as well as contemporary virtuosos of the fingerstyle genre.

After being well-versed in the world of Classical Guitar as well as the grand masters of piano and orchestral music, Brett Vachon became immersed in the world of Québécois and Celtic folk music, starting his own folk group duet La Belle et la Brette and trio l'Accroche pied. Around this time he also began to study and play the songs of today's most gifted fingerstyle guitarists, including Tommy Emmanuel, Sungha Jung and Eddie van der Meer.

Brett started creating high-quality tutorials on Youtube, breaking down exactly how to learn many of Sungha Jung's most popular original tunes. These tutorials have amassed over 22k views and his channel is close to 3k subscribers.

This fingerpicking influence is felt in Tarot Cards, a work for classical guitar that incorporates many techniques found in fingerstyle. Tarot Cards is an original work by Brett Vachon and is an exploration of the drawings on each of the 22 Major Arcana cards from the Tarot deck. In this suite each card is represented by a piece of music that reflects the atmosphere created by the scene.

Brett Vachon has also written music for other musical ensembles. In the fall of 2017 the Quinte Symphony orchestra performed a World Premiere of his Symphony in C Minor, a work which harks back to the age of the Romantic Grand Masters. This evocative work written in the 19th century style is noteworthy for it's emotional appeal and beautiful singing melodies.