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Guitar concerto full title page

Discover the concerto for guitar and orchestra by Brett Vachon, a rare composition featuring classical guitar and full orchestra.

I was inspired to create this concerto because I found there was a huge lack of guitar concerti in the classical style featuring the guitar set against a philharmonic orchestra.

The reasons of this are quite clear: the classical guitar is a soft instrument and simply does not have the carrying power or sustain of, say, a bowed string instrument like the violin.

Nevertheless, with proper acoustics and precise orchestration, I think this concerto would sound wonderful in the right setting, even without any amplification.

Concerto For Guitar and Orchestra In 3 Movements

The three Movements are:
I. Allegro 
II. Andante
III. Allegro con brio

2 flutes
2 oboes
2 Clarinets in A
2 Bassoons
2 Horns in E
2 Trumpets in C
Timpani E,B
Solo Guitar