This is a musical exploration of the feminine archetype of the TAROT cards. The Empress is a short work, just over a minute long.

The Empress Represented In Music

The Empress is an impressive figure. She reflects the beauty and grace of femininity, and the power and spiritual guidance that she gives.

A quick, four note repeated figure in the upper register of the guitar begins the piece. The repeated figure progresses towards the lower register of the guitar as the music becomes calmer.

Out of the strident chords in the beginning emerge some quieter, richer harmonies.

If we look carefully, the Empress is rather an enigmatic figure. She represents power and creativity; spiritual guidance and nurturing qualities; beauty and fertility.

Should The Empress be feared or revered?

We hear this concept played out in the middle section of the piece. A singing, folksy melody rises out of the staccato figure of the beginning and soars into the higher register of the guitar.

The Empress has left a profound impression on our soul.

We are still coming to terms with such an impressive figure. The four-note figure occurs once again but with dissonance. The closely spaced notes give a harsher, more uncomfortable feeling.

This figure brings us back to the beginning theme, which we hear again. The music fades off with darker sounding chords in the upper register of the guitar.

We express admiration of the Empress and her quiet, steadfast power and grace.

I have been wondering, since the Empress is female, would she wear her own insignia or that of a knightly order? I am very curious to know what you think.

The Empress' Place in Tarot Cards

The Empress appears as the third card in the Tarot of Marseille deck. Here is III. The Empress played on Classical Guitar.