The short piece Temperance from Tarot Cards has two main parts. In Temperance you will hear the shining sun and flowing water, interrupted in the middle by the arrival of the angel.

Temperance is Number 14 from Tarot Cards, a suite written for Classical Guitar by Brett Vachon.

In this piece you will hear what sounds like an unsettled form of life which suddenly calms with the arrival of an angel. 

The piece starts with the guitar playing rapid flowing arpeggios in a bright sounding key. This is the sun shining on the Earth with flowing waters below.

Suddenly the music slows; an Angel appears. Dramatic plucked chords sound as we see the Angel more clearly. We notice that the Angel is not male or female and is winged, with one foot in water and the other on land. This Angel has come to show us balance and eternity.

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The pace of the music gradually picks up and becomes more confident as we understand the message proclaimed by the Angel. The Angel will show us the way for balance and eternity.

The music in the slow part may sound familiar to listeners familiar with a piece by the Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz, the Suite Española.

Finally the Angel departs. We once again hear the fast rustling from the guitar but the piece quickly draws to a close on a final note.

Click on the video link below to hear "Temperance" from Tarot Cards.