Flowing melodies and a guitar in alternate tuning represent The Hanged Man, number 12 in Tarot Cards for Classical Guitar.

The hanged man is a card of self-sacrifice, and the image of a man who has been hung upside down by his foot.

The Hanged Man is an adept man who is bound by his engagements. He has been hung up on the cross of worldly possessions, and he is unable to move on. The Hanged Man wants to be free from all worldly possessions, but he cannot let go of them.

In Tarot Cards, I wanted to emphasize the calmer or quieter aspect of The Hanged Man. Certain interpretations call for more violence, but not in Tarot Cards for Classical Guitar. The Hanged Man is more dreamy, less dissonant and flows like the water in a gushing well.

The Hanged Man in Tarot Cards is infused with the meaning of surrender and letting go. This card is often interpreted as the willingness to have faith in something and let it work. The Hanged Man has been used as a symbol of strength, sacrifice, and self-sacrifice.