The tarot card "The Lovers" is all about married life. What better to represent the lovers than with a waltz?

For the musical representation of the Lovers card, I wanted a quick waltz in one of my favourite church modes for guitar, the Lydian mode.

The piece starts with a swirling waltz, depicting a young couple who see each other dancing from across the ball room. They fall in love at first sight and they start to dance together, but soon they realize that they are not allowed to be together because they are from different social classes.

The music grows a little more troubled, with the music moving towards the bass. In the end, the two lovers whisk off together in the dark, as the music fades towards the end of the work. The last note, a plucked harmonic, rings out into the distance.

The card is symbolic of the union of male and female energies, which are quite distinct. In a healthy relationship, these cosmic energies are capable of creating new life. I chose to represent this energy with a musical theme that builds up from a simple three note figure to a melody which rises in energy.

The Lovers represents the union of two people who have been together for a long time and have built a strong family bond. But The Lovers card can also indicate that you are at a crossroads in your love life, with relationships or marriages on both sides to choose from.