In Tarot Cards, a suite for Classical guitar, The Pope is an imposing figure. Perhaps more than any other card, he symbolizes mysticism and symbolism. This is how he is represented in music.

In Tarot Cards for Classical Guitar, the fifth card, The Pope, is announced by a series of confidently plucked chords. He is the head of the Catholic Church and the music clearly announces the arrival of a spiritual leader.

The papal symbols are powerful. The pope possesses a tiara which is a sort of three-tiered crown. This tiara symbolizes his spiritual authority. The papal cross on the tiara represents his earthly power. The triple crown signifies his three roles as bishop, priest, and king. He also carries a staff with an orb on top which represents temporal power over all earthly matters.

After the confidently plucked chords at the beginning, there is a quieter secrion demonstrating the divine power of the Pope. But strangely, the melody is rather dissonant, suggesting perhaps a disconnect from the high priest and his ability to take care of his followers and provide them with hope and guidance.

The music draws to a close with the proud chords being sounded once again. The last chord is a little unsettled, perhaps showing my unease with such a powerful spiritual leader and his strong spiritual connection with the church.

Tarot Cards for Classical Guitar

Tarot cards are a popular divination tool that has been around for centuries. . Tarot cards have been around since 1450 and were originally used by Italian fortune tellers called cartomanti. They are used to tell stories and predict the future.

The suite Tarot Cards by Brett Vachon is a musical representation of the imagery in Tarot Cards. Many of these images are ripe with symbolism and mysticism. These are the Tarot Cards represented in music with the Classical Guitar.

Watch this video to hear my performance of The Pope.