Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, and it appears here as number 8 in the Astrological Signs for Guitar.

Pisces is the symbol of the fish, which are creatures of the underworld. I wanted appropriately enough to start with a slow, dark and mysterious theme. This theme is punctuated by several chords, played staccato. Next, the music gradually builds into a crescendo, increasing in volume and speed as we move up towards the light.

The middle section has beautiful flowing arpeggios, but this doesn't last; we quickly descend back into the darkness. We hear a series of convincing chords and then the opening theme appears again. The closing section includes a technique that is called cascading harmonics.

This Astrological Sign explores the balance between light and darkness of the Pisces. The music remains for the most part in the shadows, although there may be some brightness as things progress.