Virgo tells the story of Astrea, a hero of Greek mytholody. You will hear her represented in a new and unusual way in this representation for guitar.

Virgo s the Seventh piece in Astrological Signs for Guitar, a suite for Classical Guitar representing the signs of the zodiac in music.

Virgo the maiden is living a good life on Earth. She is the last immortal to flee the Earth, and the music represents her flight from Earth.

The opening theme of this work is the Burlesque in G Major by Leopold Mozart. This is a Classical piece of music for piano that is written for children. The melody starts out very quietly, plucked with a special technique called palm muting or pizzicato.

So, Virgo the maiden Astraea is living happily on Earth. However the theme rapidly gets deformed, showing trouble on the horizon. 

Astrea the maiden gets rapidly dragged down into the underworld. Here, you will hear rapid descending scales and sharp chords strummed with the nails of the hand. 

Astrea was threatened with death in a lava pit, but she was saved. She was given an opportunity to flee the Earth and live among the Gods. Her decision is represented by a short pause in the music. Finally, Astrea decides to take flight and leave her previous abode.

The opening theme is once again heard, this time accompanied by warm, lush harmonies. Astrea has found her place among the Gods and is more confident. The music draws happily to a close.

As you can see, this Astrological Sign is longer and somewhat more complex than previous signs.