With Sagittarius, the music starts out confidently, in an unusual time signature. You will hear the arrival of a powerful figure, the Centaur, with his bow and arrow.

Sagittarius, the ninth sign in the Zodiac, appears in Astrological Signs for Guitar as number 5.

The Centaur of Mythology is represented at the beginning with a confident and somewhat dissonant march. The march builds up to a crescendo and then we hear the central theme.

This theme is less dissonant and more flowing than the previous march. The shimmering melody rises above the bass to the higher register of the guitar.

Sagittarius are optimistic and adventurous; the middle section of the music explores the higher register of the guitar with flowing arpeggio sounds in the bass strings. This music tells the story of Sagittarius as he is making his way across the landscape. The arpeggios represent the arrow's flight as it leaves Sagittarius' bow.

Finally the music quiets down with some plucked chords in the guitar, played diminuendo. The arrow finally descends onto Earth and hits its target. The music ends here with a plucked flute-like harmonic chord.