Gemini is the twins, Castor and Pollux. This was one of the first signs I tackled when I composed Astrological Signs for Guitar and I was immediately inspired.

Gemini is the third Astrological Sign in the Zodiac and it appears here as number 10. The music represents the twins, and identical twins are often difficult for those who don't intimately know them to tell them apart. But the twins aren't mere mirror images of each other, however.

The music starts with the guitar playing what may seem like a mirror image. The melodic line dips from high to low and back again, and this is repeated in the opposite direction simultaneously, in a sort of contrapuntal dance.  The music develops into an unexpected crescendo as the twins experience their first conflict.

Then a rhythmic beat commences on a bass note. We hear the "twins" theme at the beginning but it is broken into pieces. Finally the guitar plays flowing arpeggios and the music comes back to a calmer state. The music finishes on a somewhat dissonant chord, always reminding us of the twins' originality despite their similar appearance.