Teaching guitar and music theory

I love teaching guitar because it is a great way to make sure I understand the challenges involved in playing my instrument. It also encourages me to be able to explain my intentions clearly to my students.

I have over 10 years of experience teaching guitar and teaching music is one of my passions. Over the years I have developed a method that works well with beginner guitarists.

Skype Lessons

If you are interested in Skype lessons please contact me by email at info at

Lessons on Udemy (French)

My guitar course for beginners is online! Sign up at (in French).

Lessons in Montreal

I teach guitar at my studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For more information on guitar lessons in Montreal you can also follow my guitar lessons page on Facebook at @coursdeguitarebrettvachon.

Youtube tutorials

I also have a growing list of guitar tutorials on my Youtube channel. You can watch the videos here.

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