Classes resuming at the Brébeuf Room

Classes will resume at the Brébeuf Room starting Wednesday 27 May. Please note that classes will be held outside in order to comply with physical distancing rules.

Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but never had the chance to start learning? Or maybe you have already started to learn and you want to bring your guitar playing to the next level.

Register today to participate in private one-to-one Guitar Lessons with Brett Vachon. Learning to play the guitar is a fun and engaging activity. It’s also an excellent way to promote cognitive development, improve patience and increase academic success.

Private Lessons will be given at Brébeuf Room in the Rectory basement at Saint John Brébeuf church. The entrance door to the Brébeuf Room is located at the end of the large parking lot off George Street. There is a sign posted on the door when classes are in session.

Classes are held every Wednesday from 3pm to 8pm. The session usually lasts for 10 weeks. Fill out the registration form below if you would like to register for private lessons on Wednesday.

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Class information

Lesson Location

Lessons are held at St John Brébeuf Church Rectory, located at 7777 George Street, LaSalle, Québec, H8P 1C8.

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Lesson Fees

10 Weeks (30 Minutes) - $250
10 Weeks (60 minutes) - $450 (payable in two installments)
Instructional book cost - $10


Please be sure to bring your instrument to every class!

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